Hello World !!!

Welcome to Reason To Always Believe. I’m super-duper excited about blogging. I’ve always loved writing since I was as young as five. It took me sixteen years to finally do this. Why Reason To Always Believe as my blog name? It’s not that easy to explain and not complicated either. At every stage of my life, I keep having doubts even though I’m doing the right thing, so I keep looking for a reason to always believe my discipline, career, job, faith, friends, (even my height🤓). I’m blogging just for the fun of it, and to share with people the side of me I keep hiding and running away from. It’s not because of money, this blog isn’t even paid for 😔, it’s as free as air. I hope it’s as exciting to all my readers as it is to me. I’m no professional writer so all I’ll do is to strive towards perfection and accept my mistakes. This blog covers areas like:

-Everyday lifestyle
-Personal Development

-Social life/ Relationship
-Christain Living

Happy new year and happy reading


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