My First Love

Growing up as a child I heard about His love for me                               

How possible was this when I didn’t even know Him                

Everyone told me about all the good things He’s been doing for me                

Was he a distant relation making up for the lost moment or could it be my real dad making up for a crime only Him can explain?               

Nah I don’t think so…..I’ve never seen him before but why this unconditional love for me? 

Do I really deserve it after being mean to people?                                      

Everywhere I go, I hear how magnificent he is, his greatness and awesomeness   

I couldn’t be left behind           

This is someone I should be associated with, I should show him off to everyone 

I had my own share of this love, Infact all of it.                   

I started talking to him everyday, he sure listens.                        

My parents told me as a child he would answer all my needs                         

I truly fell in love with him, I was addicted to knowing him more        

I feel his presence when I give myself to him 

Every now and then I let him down 😞 I say and do things he won’t approve of 

When did i really get so distant from my first love?                     

I yearn for His love because I feel so alone without it                                        

Did I replace him in my heart with someone else?πŸ€”                         

Who did i put all my trust in apart from him? I’m truly sorry because my heart aches

He never stopped loving me, I don’t feel it sometimes because of guilt.πŸ™Š           

I’m still in love with my first love not even clothes, shoes, friends, my parents can replace the spot I have for him in my heart. ❀️❀️❀️

His name is the sweetest name I know JESUS 

                                      -Aniekan Johnson


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