I Love You

Everyone yearns for that feeling love, once in a while and we all need that person we can relate to, a shoulder to cry on just like a vulnerable child. I want you to mutter in my ear that everything would be alright. I want to love for a day and if it can take me throughout a life time I’ll be more pleased. 

I’ve almost thrown away everything I’ve held so dear but it becomes dark when I miss being me and caring so much. Sometimes I feel nothing and empty, I want to take back what I’ve abandoned. I still have a special spot for us to connect. No one dreams of being alone because no one knows when anyone would be out of breath. 

I think I’m ready for my summer, I’ve kept my love in detention for so long. Promises are like treason, it makes you hope for all you’ll ever get and you get stabbed at the end. I want to waltz and tango and make my smile free. I can’t really wait for my heart to be set on fire and let the melody of my soul come alive. I want to draw from this well of satisfaction and overwhelming hapiness. 

Don’t come to me because you think I’m just a good girl. I don’t want to get heartbroken again because a piece of me is a piece of every memory I’ve shared. I fall too hard and I don’t want my pillow soaked with tears at the end because of how true I get. I know change is gonna come with a lot to hope for. I want to be sure of myself and not be quiet anymore. I want us to patch it up together, the heartaches come and go with the scars they leave behind. If i keep running I know I’ll regret. 

I’m going home and I’m walking on this lonely road. I want you to look deep into my soul and I promise I’ll be me once again. Now I know what I’ve been waiting for. I knew I was lost and I’ve been waiting for you to find me. I can see this love now. Love came way too long looking for me. 

Yaaaaaaaay I’ll be dancing once again like I did before and sing a new tune “I love you”.


17 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Gbenga Clues says:

    Thanks for this beautiful piece. Just that we have to be careful too in falling in love ( we should be moved by heart and not just by sight) so that we don’t end up breaking the beautiful heart we claim to love


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